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Working with children for the past 16 years have shed so much light about myself. In these modern times, many parents are pushed subconsciously to make sure that their children excel academically without fully realising the potential of true lessons of life.

The day the child is born, parents are already thinking of what preschool and elementary school to register their baby in. Even before the baby begins to walk, all the toys that can be bought, which claims to be beneficial to the toddler’s growth is a must-buy item.

Sadly, many are missing the true essence of the growth of baby to a toddler is all about, sometimes, even all the way into adulthood. Yes, it’s important to give the best we can to our offsprings. However, what is the best? Is it about providing the best education? Is it about the most up-to-date toys that speak to the baby? Or, is it making sure that they are given the best nutrition as advertised.

After working with them extensively and seeing all kinds of children ranging from toddlers to teenagers, the best education is still from the heart and home. Nothing compares to the warm cuddly moments we give to our children, simply because we care. Sharing quirky, funny moments are treasures many forget because we get caught up in this rat race to rise above others.

Children have souls that also need to be nourished, cherished and loved for who they are, not what the society thinks we should mould them into. Being happy with simple things in life and giving them freedom to play is something hard to do in this modern world we live in, especially in big cities.

However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t creative ways to overcome these issues.

We, as adults, must remember our good old days when we were young, the simplest of games we played did not include electronic devices. There were games like ‘congklak’ marbles, hopscotch or ‘gasing’ to name a few. Are we so blinded to deprive our children of this happiness? Have we forgotten how to make our children happy? Is it so hard to spend beautiful quality moments playing in the most natural way?

Laughing over silly insignificant matters is a rarity these days.

Ever tried being goofy like a child and play with them, giggle over funny moments and even laugh out loud at crazy antics? You should! Let down your guard, be free and see how good it feels. It allows the inner child in every adult to come forth and find that inner peace and contentment we are desperately seeking outside. We envision that more money equates to more happiness but we are so far off the track from the true ideal.

True happiness comes from nurturing that inner child in us no matter what age we are. And it all starts from the minute we are born as toddlers and how we are brought up, educated and taught by our parents.

With October as an important month celebrating Children’s Day, don’t forget to remember we too, were once children. Enjoy your special moments or take time to create those special, precious memories that you and your children shall treasure forever. Read a book, act it out or simply walk in the park hand in hand are some of the best things any parent can give to their children.

The gift of love and sharing, the gift of unconditional love and most importantly the gift of love to ourselves by allowing yourself to be happy and contented by simple things in life!