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Hi, my name is Kong Choon Yen and I am a mother of two boys.

When I was pregnant for the first time, I wished to give birth the natural way, but like most women, and simply followed my doctor’s advice.

When my doctor, a Senior Consultant suggested an induction, I panicked. Even though I had told her that I wanted a natural birth, she insisted that giving birth by induction was a better option since my baby didn’t grow as per their chart. I was anxious but didn’t know what to do.

I trusted her that as a professional, she knew what’s best for me. I never questioned the risks and benefits of induction.

On the day of induction, my contractions were unbearable, which forced me to take a pain relief injection and epidural to ease the pain, which was the last thing I wanted to do.

I was angry because not only did I not experience the natural onset of labour, but also felt so inadequate and helpless. I knew I could have done better.

It was then that I learnt that my health had everything to do with the birth process and the outcome.

My first child was not very healthy even though I breastfed exclusively for 19 months.

When I considered having my second child, I thought to myself that it was health and not the age that will determine whether the child is going to be a healthy baby or not.

I decided to delay my pregnancy for a year and learnt more about my diet from a Raw Food Chef, whom I worked with at that time in 2008. In September, I did a 7 day full Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme, then another mini detox in January 2009 followed by a gallstone flush. Immediately after, I conceived and knew that this baby was going to be healthier in everyway.

My focus was to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

With a “clean” body, I did not want any drugs put into my body. Epidural was not an option. A drug free and pain free birth was all I wanted. How could I achieve that?

I was introduced to water birthing to take advantage of the calming effect of the water. At the same time, I was dreadful of the labour pain that I experienced with my first-born. I wasn’t sure of how water could ease the pain.

I researched on the internet and found HypnoBirthing method and told myself that training my mind with body techniques to reduce pain during labour together with water birthing was my only solution.

The 5 weeks of HypnoBirthing childbirth classes was eye opening and I loved the idea of “my birth my way.”

I never knew I could take charge before that. I even discussed my Birth Plan with my doctor and midwife at NUH and was excited that they agreed to my terms and were very supportive of natural birth. This made me and my husband feel empowered and confident about our second child’s birth.

During the birth, I trusted myself and was able to tune in to my birthing body using HypnoBirthing techniques. When I lost focus at one point, my husband was able to help me to relax during the last phase of birth by guiding me into Birth Breathing,

This time, we worked together as a team to achieve the most satisfying Hypno-Water birth experience and immediately bonded with our baby without any interruption.

I finally understood the meaning of Birth without Fear because of the support I received from my husband, my midwife, my doctor, my friend, our dear cousin, and lastly the HypnoBirthing natural birth philosophy and relaxation techniques that we used. We brought back more than just a natural birth experience.

It would have been a challenge to give birth calmly and gently on my own as I was in labour for little over three hours. To my surprise, my second baby weighed 3.55kg as compared to my elder son who was only 2.42kg at birth.

After giving birth, I remember thinking to myself that I could do this 10 times over. All the preparations paid off and it was truly an amazing experience.

It was the confidence in my own ability to birth my baby naturally and the empowering experience that I had that lead me to this journey as a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner/Childbirth Educator. I am also a Birth Doula and an Infant Massage Instructor.

Because I know I can improve birth.

ABOUT Kong Choon Yen, 

Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute

Yen teaches natural childbirth education enhanced by a self-hypnosis technique, HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method, to women who want a calm and healthy birth experience without succumbing to drugs whenever possible, and to husbands who want to make a vital contribution to their labor and birth to achieve a safe and easy birth together as a family.

She is also a Certified Birth Doula & Infant Massage Instructor, you can visit her website here: www.ChildbirthOdyssey.com