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A Happy New Year to everyone and especially to our readers and contributors who have been supporting us for the past 6 months.

As we are embarking into the New Year, we are thrilled to see more readers from other parts of the world other than Asia. We now have readers from the US, India, China, Europe and even South America!

We are touched and now even more fired-up to continue delivering exciting stories for you in the new year.

We believe 2018 will be an enlivening and fulfilling year as we have many new inspiring stories lined-up for you. We will also be engaging more on-ground activities such as events, talks, workshops etc, to connect with you and further empower you.

First in line will be our participation at the EarthFest Singapore on 14 Jan (Sun) at Marina Barrage, 11am – 4pm. (Look out for our Interview Featured story with the Founder of EarthFest this week).

Come by our booth, show some support with our “Going Green Starts with Me” campaign by pledging your messages on our very own handmade paper tree for a sustainable environment ahead.

Everyone in our office has dedicated a few months of their personal time in making 2 Kgs of recycled paper for this event and we have also created a special edition of handmade pots (from recycled papers) for you to begin planting.

We hope through this initiative, everyone can start caring and living a greener environment together.

As a dedicated publisher, we are constantly looking out for inspiring stories to share with you. And this month, we have specially curated stories, which will help you start anew with the right footing into 2018.

I’m glad we have supportive contributors who will share their stories and expertise in areas of: Healthy habits to start at home, How to supercharge your visions, Energising your goals, Ways to eliminate dramas and also why I have started this meaningful platform and many more.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to roll out more stories, events and activities for you. Please continue to support us, spread the goodness and start living a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Believe that you have the power to make a POSITIVE change in any area of your life. All you need is to start NOW.

Finally, if you really like what we do, please share our stories, like us on Facebook and leave positive comments/feedback for us. This would mean so much to us as we can help reach out to many more people through your support and believe in our cause and ideals.

Thank you for being a supportive friend of ElevenAsia and we wish you a blessed and fulfilling year ahead!


Iris Tan (Managing Editor & Founder of ElevenAsia)


As the founder of Eleven, Iris believes that we can inspire people with real-life stories and personal experiences so we all can live a supportive and meaningful life with one another. She is passionate about learning and self-development and believes that one should keep learning till the last breath.

Learn more about her here.