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With Valentine’s day around the corner, it seemed fitting to share my view with my beloved readers on self-love and self-empowerment.

I know all of you must have heard these words countless number of times but have you truly wondered what it means to you and deeply understand the 2 simple words.

Yes, I am talking about self-love.

We women search high and low for it and even cross the seven seas looking for that one true love. But, have you ever looked into the mirror to really see your reflection …that self-love which leads to self-empowerment starts with you!

What is it exactly?

It’s about taking time to pamper yourself, make yourself feel good and surround yourself with good vibes to make it through the day. There are many ways to get started.

  • Remind yourself every morning to give thanks for a new day.

  •  Take time to enjoy your breakfast; even better make them simple and healthy.

    Your body needs to be pampered and taking the time to prepare the most important meal of the day is a sure way to boost your energy and kick-start your day.

  • Take time to exercise!

  • I don’t know about you. But I love yoga. It always calms me down, helps me focus and keeps me balanced internally and externally at the same time. Over time, I have come to realise yoga helps me attain self-awareness to find the harmony from within to give me that self love and self-empowerment I need and thus making me feel happy every single day!
  • Go take up a hobby you fancy!

It doesn’t matter if it sounds silly to everyone else, what’s important is that you have a strong interest in it and keen on learning something new. The best part of it all, it will make you happy and feel content along the way whilst becoming more adept at it. My new-found soap making hobby has taken me to levels of happiness I could not have imagined… not just about soap making but I have picked up a new interest along the way, such as medicinal plants, herbs and flowers that are quite beneficial for healthy skin.

I challenge all of you to pick up a new hobby and get into a groove… after all, it is never too late to start something new in 2018 a month later… what is late when there is never an age limit to what we want to learn? You can only improve your body, mind and spirit and to boost that much needed self-love and self-empowerment you seek externally.

I hope to hear from you all about the exciting hobbies or exercises you have decided to take on this year and let us all move forward with gusto to WELCOME THE DOG YEAR!


Founder of Studio Art Nouveau 

Lisa has conducted many workshops on art and teaching pedagogy, written art features on children and education. An avid yoga lover, she practices and teaches Hatha yoga.

Learn more about her here.