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Going into the second month of ElevenAsia, I can feel the heat picking up. Oh, how time flies so fast with our launch just a month ago! With our rich repository of stories from experts, travelers and contributors, ElevenAsia is definitely setting our roots firmly into the ground.

To be able to inspire and help others have always been a penchant of mine. In this world of mundanity and banality, we often become uninspired and lose perspective. I’ve come across many angered, unmotivated or broken spirits as an art therapist. One was a mother who had done everything for her darling daughters but simply wasn’t able to get along with them. Frustrated, I remember how she ranted and complained blaming it all on her husband. She was at wits end; she didn’t know what else to do to make her family happy.

How many of us are similarly ‘blocked’ – we give our all but simply are unable to understand why things are not working in our favor?

After 3 sessions of art therapy, I was able to guide her to see the light and source of the problem. Like most families, it was only a matter of miscommunication! No one was at fault and no one was to be blamed. Today, the most rewarding part for me is to see pictures on social media of their activities together with snippets of thank you words and gratitude sentences up from time to time.

But doesn’t the problem seem so obvious?

Indeed, miscommunication is something that dogs many relationships. You may ask, ‘why didn’t she just fix it?’ Nowadays, we are often distracted by our little screens or even engrossed with personal material pursuits such that we lose sight of things that are most apparent and our perspective becomes myopic. Like art therapy, ElevenAsia enlightens you with stories that help you break free from that insular view and see the world from a better perspective, bring compassion in your heart and most of all, enrich your soul in ways that you can’t possibly imagine.

And ElevenAsia brings you this every day. You can use that trusty smartphone or tablet to get your daily dosage of positivity you need! Ideas are only ideas, but to realise it makes me proud to be part of this dynamic and growing team of dedicated dreamers. There is power in endearing words to make huge impacts on the lives of others, bring about extraordinary changes and uplift people’s morales.

This month, ElevenAsia brings stories right to you. From lesser-known amazing destinations, beauty hacks, mindful living guides, parenting tips to inspirational people who have defeated the odds –

ElevenAsia has a story for everyone.

We hope to broaden your minds and captivate you with insights you’ve never had, cultures you’ve never experienced and uplifting stories from extraordinary people. Last but not least, have any unanswered questions? We bring you our resident guru, Ask Liz, dedicated to guiding you and answering all questions you have.

Let’s get ready to be inspired!

Yours truly,

Lisa Tanti

Co-Editor (In Indonesia)