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Tan Shiau Tse

Tan Shiau Tse Contributor

dr tan shiau tse

About Tan Shiau Tse

Having come from a line of medical practitioners, Shiau Tse is no stranger to the medical world. Being a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner herself, she acknowledges the advancement in mainstream healthcare and how it has helped many people achieve better health, though she has also learned of its limitations. Having experienced the benefits of other forms of therapies and noticing their individual strengths and weaknesses, she feels that much more can be done to bring the entire healthcare world together so that humanity on the whole may benefit from a more holistic approach. Her passion lies in her patients, and her mission in life is to Heal, Educate & Inspire the world, one consultation at a time.

Shiau Tse is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and manager at Heritage TCM Clinic.