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Sophie Wenger

Sophie Wenger Contributor

Sophier Wenger

About Sophie Wenger

At college studying French, English, Latin and Philosophy, Sophie always loved writing assessments and presentations on a wide range of subjects. When she continued her studies at the Swiss School of Osteopathy, she joined the students’ journal team with great enthusiasm, yet she put writing aside as soon as she opened her first clinic, except for her patients’ medical history and notes on the sessions.

She realised how much she missed it only years later, and then started sharing events, thoughts and dreams on a diary, and recently as a way of coming out of her nutshell, publicly on Instagram and Facebook.

She is passionate about life, consciousness, the earth, the universes and all their beings, and feel it’s an honour to share and grow with fellow seekers of Truth, Peace, Love and Happiness. Osteopath D.O., blogger and self-development enthusiast, Sophie has lived in 4 countries and loves science, spirituality, fruits (including durian!!) and positive living. Her goal is to inform, empower and positively inspire people to live a happy peaceful life in harmony with our dear planet.


You can follow her via facebook.com/starfamily.org & Instagram: @osteosophie