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Lisa Tanti

Lisa Tanti Co-Editor (In Indonesia)

lisa tanti

About Lisa Tanti

Being in the art world since young, it was only natural that Lisa would ultimately end up dabbling in art. Embarking on an environmental designer job and ending up in the fashion world, she eventually opened an art studio 15 years ago and started to teach art. Lisa has conducted many workshops on art and teaching pedagogy, written art features on children and education. An avid yoga lover, she practices and teaches Hatha yoga. Apart from these, her hobbies are varied, cooking if time permits, writing and painting of which she has been compiling over the years as part of her contemplation on her spiritual journeys.

What inspires me?

That’s really an excellent question as there are many! Even seeing flowers bloom can inspire me. I’d say my everyday thanks and prayers for this life I have, the simplicity and meaningful sensations I get inspires me to do even more.