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Iris Tan

Iris Tan Founder & Managing Editor

iris tan

About Iris Tan

As the founder of Eleven, Iris believes that we can inspire people with real-life stories and personal experiences so we all can live a supportive and meaningful life with one another. She is passionate about learning and self-development and believes that one should keep learning till the last breath. She runs her own advertising agency, Eitan, for 12 years now, published a poetry book “Be In The Moment”, is a Mosaic Artist and loves arts, music and travelling. Her mission in life is Learn, Share & Inspire.

What inspires me?

The vastness of the nature always inspires me. The breeze from the ocean, the forest dew, the glittering stars in the dark, raindrops on my skin, chasing rainbows, soaking in the waterfall and the rhythm of the drumming beat. These always give me a sensational uplifting spirit. Life is full of exploration and surprises. I’m still learning and growing through my senses and interaction with people and nature.