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About Us

elevenasia team

About ElevenAsia

ElevenAsia isn’t just another digital media publication.

ElevenAsia is an on-going message. A message of hope, happiness, positivity and inspiration which we endeavor to spread to everyone.

ElevenAsia is about inspiring others through words, stories, our own life experiences.

We believe life is certainly worth living. Because there is still a lot we haven’t discovered about the world, or ourselves.

ElevenAsia is about teaching you to smell the roses, admire the sunrise, stand in awe of the mighty ocean and be humbled by the indescribable magnificence of Nature. Even when the world seems to be against you. We know that. We’re one of you!

We have a lot to share. And if we can inspire one life at a time, we rejoice in that moment.

Oh, and why the number Eleven? Because we think it’s unique, simple and easy to remember. It’s also going the extra mile, further than a Perfect 10! It’s a strong numeric that also symbolizes multiplication and a doubling effect. Who doesn’t want a double dose of inspiration?


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lisa tanti


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vincent pang

Creative Director

Editorial Manager


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Abigail Wong

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Dameria Damayanti

Dameria Damayanti