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The role of water in the human body is vital. In fact, a body can survive weeks without food but cannot survive days without water. Water is essential for the body to function optimally. Primarily, water’s main role is to transport nutrients extracted from food intake to the various parts of the body so that it is kept energised. Water hydrates the body, thus keeping the body’s temperature regulated. In addition to that, water lubricates the joints paving away injuries and fractures. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the importance of drinking water from time to time. Hydration is very beneficial to the each of our body’s organs. To understand better the importance of hydration in our health, below are its established benefits.


Energises the Body

More than half of our body is composed of water. It is important to regularly drink water to replace the fluids in our body that is lost by urination, sweating, and even breathing. If the body is not filled up with water, your energy levels will deteriorate. Since the muscles and brain need water to function well, deficiency in water intake will negatively affect a person’s state of mind as well as the quality of the body’s physical activities. It is essential to keep the body properly hydrated for the nutrients to be distributed accordingly to the brain and the muscles.


Regulates Digestion

When it comes to digesting food and absorbing its nutrients, hydration is relevant. Water assures proper breakdown of food thus assuring that nutrient from food intake is extracted, absorbed, and delivered to the cells in the various parts of the body. Insufficient water intake can lead to numerous digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea.


Good for the Heart

Hydration is very beneficial to the heart. Drinking plenty of water can do so many wonders to the heart. If you are hydrated, blood pressure is at its optimal range. It is essential that blood pressure is normal to keep the heart at its best condition.


Good for the Skin and Hair

Women and men alike strive for a beautiful and healthy hair and skin. Hydration is proven and tested to make you hair and skin not only attractive but healthy as well. Hydration keeps the skin moisturised and improves its elasticity as well as its softness. Drinking plenty of water also keeps your hair healthy not just from the looks of it but from its roots.


Protects the Kidneys

When fluid intake is high, the tendency that the kidneys are working well is high as well. Hydration assures the optimal working condition of the kidneys through proper removal of body’s waste by urination. A properly hydrated body ascertains that the kidneys will filter the fluids in the body assuring they are clean and sufficient for its corresponding demands.


Boosts brain functions

Hydration is crucial for the wellness of the human brain. If the body is well hydrated, nutrients and oxygen are distributed accordingly to the brain cells leading to alertness, ability to focus, and increased memory. It has been proven that dehydration can impair a person’s mental stability and can affect a person’s productivity.

ABOUT Yvonne Bon

At the age of 25, Yvonne Bon is the founder of Fit Club, a Fitness club made affordable and accessible to everyone. The concept of Fit Club is to make her participants’ wellness goal achievable through effective workouts at an affordable price. In fact, the success of Fit Club has seen itself made available to almost any Singaporean, finding itself across 28 different locations in Singapore with more than 1000 clients working out in a single night.