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Food fads come and go with astonishing speed these days, and no matter what your diet, you will inevitably find one that makes your gut a happy one. Superfoods and magical ingredients are popping up with increasing frequency, but sometimes it’s the most unassuming characters that make the largest impact.

As a small company that started out of a home kitchen in Mumbai, we at GOURI’S built our bars and cereals with a balanced mix of all-natural ingredients that are easily available, taste great, and will benefit your body in their own little way. Here are five of our favourite discoveries!


  1. Amaranth

Easily a favourite in our kitchens, amaranth is a pseudocereal – a seed used much in the same way as cereals – that’s often touted as a superfood and its origins can be traced back about 8000 years. A hardy crop that grows across seasons and terrains, its ability to withstand harsh conditions sees farming communities through dry spells and extreme temperatures. And for those avoiding meat: rejoice! Amaranth is an excellent source of protein, besides being gluten-free, packed with iron, and thought to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.


  1. Palm Jaggery

These sweet, rich golden-brown nuggets are a form of unrefined sugar made from – you guessed it – palm sap! Since it’s extracted without the addition of any chemicals, the jaggery retains nutrients that otherwise get depleted when processing sugar. And that means it’s rich in vitamins B and C, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium; it’s also easy on the digestive system and a great source of energy that’ll keep you active and fresh. Quite frankly, it is just really delicious, with an earthy, intense flavour – melt some down with a bit of water, cream, and a pinch of salt for a caramel that will change your life!


  1. Seeds

Specifically, flax and chia. Both are high in fiber, antioxidants, and bursting with omega-3 fats (aka, the good kind!) They’re also a great way to keep your digestive tract happy and healthy, thanks to the gel-like qualities they take on once consumed – this means they’ll keep food in your stomach and have you feeling fuller for  longer, while increasing nutrient absorption. Fun fact: grind 1 tbsp of either seed with 3 tbsp water – you’ll see what we mean by gel-like qualities – and you’ve got yourself an egg substitute perfect for vegan recipes!


  1. Dates

Ah, dates – nature’s answer to any store-bought caramel. Yes, they’re rich in calories, but as all things, moderation is key – and a little goes a long way here. High in natural sugars, dates provide a huge kick of energy, making them a great pre- or post-workout snack, while the iron content can be a boon for anaemics. These little powerhouses are also packed with minerals that have been shown to strengthen bones, and to top it all off, they just taste so good.


  1. Millets

These nutrient-dense grains are grown widely across the world, particularly in harsher climates that benefit from hardy crops. The term ‘millet’ encompasses a number of varieties, each with their own value – finger millet, for example, packs quite a protein-filled punch and is great source of dietary fibre. The best part is, millets are also a very versatile food – cook them into a porridge, flatbread, or even as flour substitutes in pancakes!

What we especially love about these ingredients is their versatility – a quick search online will offer up hundreds of recipes, tips and tricks on how to use each one! So go wild, start experimenting, and you’ll find yourself creating wholesome meals and snacks that keep you energised and refreshed.

ABOUT Gouri Gupta

Founder of GOURI’S

Gouri Gupta turned to naturopathy to bring about a lifestyle change for her family towards healthier living. Coupled with her passion for good food and creativity, Mumbai-based GOURI’S took off with small-batch, handcrafted energy bars and cereals using all-natural ingredients that are honestly delicious.