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Thank you for joining us at Earthfest 2018 and helping nourish our bare upcycled tree installation back to life with your inspiring pledges to make our planet a safer, kinder and greener place to live in.

Here are 11 pledges that has us inspired and committed to making it happen this year!

1. I will start using bar soaps.

2. Bring my own water bottle.

3. Compost all my food scrapes!

4.  Will try not to switch on the light in the afternoon.

5. Stop wrapping presents..use recycled paper!

6. Cycle, eat healthy & exercise ?

7. Use 2 sides of every sheet of paper; consciously recycle.

8. Use a reusable straw to create less waste <3

9. I will bring my own glass container to pack my food instead of using Styrofoam products.

10. Don’t accept any plastic bag from any shops, even if they are for free.

11. Go paperless, read e-books ?



The two winners who posted their pledges and won our beautiful handmade recycled potted plants! CONGRATULATIONS Tan Guan Rui Jacob & Valeria Obregon!

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